Pets 4 People & Dr Q are proud to launch:

Denver Holistic Center - Colorado's 1st Holistic Center for People & Pets!

A Community Center offering Traditional & Holistic Services & Care
for all humans and creatures in need

Denver's "Patron Saint of Pets," 82, headlines new vet clinic

Edward Garcia is stubborn and old-fashioned, and he doesn't care who knows it.

For decades, the veterinarian cared for pets in the Sunnyside neighborhood in north Denver. He is so connected to their owners that he refused to leave them, laboring alone in his warehouse practice as he neared his 82nd birthday.

Denver fish vet known as "Dr. Koi" keeps patients feeling fin

The doctor reached down to lift her patient, who suddenly jumped free and landed with a thud on the floor.

No harm done, though — and it's her fish. She picks him up and deposits him in a container of water.

The Denver Holistic Center.Com & The Denver Holistic Pet Center.Com will become a central hub for Rescue Organizations, Community service clients, Disadvantaged youths, Seniors and the Developmentally disabled. The facility will still offer traditional Veterinary services and also include: