This Valentine season, we invite you to celebrate whats closet to our hearts: Pets and People - no matter where you are or who you're alongside, homeless animals and disadvantaged people need our help!

Our goal is to raise $25K and any charitable donation will directly assist Dr Garcia continue his important work to all those in need!

FEB 28TH 2015 3PM TIL 8PM

$25 door fee > discounted $5 with code YAYPUPPY

Silent Auction at 7pm

All donations are tax deductible, so if you can attend send a friend!

Denver's "Patron Saint of Pets," 82, headlines new vet clinic

Edward Garcia is stubborn and old-fashioned, and he doesn't care who knows it.

For decades, the veterinarian cared for pets in the Sunnyside neighborhood in north Denver. He is so connected to their owners that he refused to leave them, laboring alone in his warehouse practice as he neared his 82nd birthday.

The Denver Holistic Center.Com & The Denver Holistic Pet Center.Com will become a central hub for Rescue Organizations, Community service clients, Disadvantaged youths, Seniors and the Developmentally disabled. The facility will still offer traditional Veterinary services and also include: